Apply the Conjoined Triangles of Success to bootstrap your startup

Business schools worldwide offer curriculums based on CToS to prepare their MBA candidates to go out in the world and breed unicorns and decacorns.


Why follow the Conjoined Triangles of Success?

The Conjoined Triangles of Success guide StartUp 2.0 companies to the most impactful proactive best practices. The four pillars of CToS (pronounced see-to-ess) are Growth, Sales, Engineering and Manufacturing. Achieving and maintaining win-win-win mutual success among these critical components creates team synergies that lead to three comma valuations.

The Pillars


No dynamic startup can thrive without the foundation of CToS, growth. Saavy CToS organizations leverage the Law of Small Numbers to demonstrate ballistic long term growth potential.


A successful CToS Sales team will re-envision product offerings, closing deals exceeding the confines of a simple sell sheet to create new product-on-steroids categories and drive industry-wide as well as inter-departmental paradigm shifts.


As the innovation center of excellence for your company, Engineering employs an agile process to rapidly deliver complex technical solutions to unknown challenges. Test-driven development obviates the need for picayune quality assurance, enabling the freshest code to flow unimpeded into production, ideally multiple times per day.


In CToS firms, manufacturing applies Industry 4.0 techniques with cyber-physical systems that digitally connect machines and parts through RFID enabled IoT networks. Lean manufacturing flows above 5S, SMED, Kanban and JIT to reduce carbon footprint and accelerate production of customer value.

Skillfully set quotas to eliminate target stress
Create technological beauty timelessly
Seek double elite-qualifying miles
Failure is Good
Unless you run out of cash


As part of its mission to ensure that CToS is available to all, CToS seeks a presence in communities around the world. CToS works to engage regional communities in this global effort.

Ref: Barker, Jack. What Color Is Your Hypotenuse: The Conjoined Triangles of Success, Palo Alto: Altschuler, Judge and Krinsky Publishing, 2015.